Band Trip

Traveling with the band is one of the most exciting aspects of the GBS music experience. Every other year, a major trip will be scheduled for the marching band. Oftentimes a separate trip will be arranged for the jazz band and GSO on the off years.

Trip destinations are selected by the Band Directors and submitted for approval to the District 225 Board of Education and the GBSIL Board. Trips will coincide with a school break and are arranged to minimize the number of school days missed.

Over the years, the band has participated in national events such as the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL, the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Hollywood, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City, the Oahu Music Festival in Honolulu, the Holiday Bowl in San Diego and the Disney Thanksgiving Parade in Orlando, FL.


A professional travel agency arranges all aspects of the trip and manages the payment schedule. Every effort is made to keep travel expenses low, and the GBSIL conducts numerous fundraisers to help students offset the trip costs. With major trips planned on a staggered basis, students can have 2 years in which to fundraise.

An initial deposit is paid when registering for the trip. Funds from the student’s fundraising account can be applied to subsequent installments. If the account’s balance can accommodate the entire cost of the trip, the deposit will be refunded.

A limited number of partial trip scholarships may be available for students with demonstrated financial need. Contact the band director to discuss options.

Fundraising Accounts

The profits from a student’s fundraising efforts are recorded in their personal account. While a small portion is allocated to a general GBSIL trip fund, the balance can be applied to band trips, the program fee or uniform items. The account is maintained throughout their time in the band program. Upon graduation, the remaining money may be transferred to a sibling’s account or to the scholarship fund. Funds cannot be returned as cash to the student.