Band Calendar

Check back regularly for schedule updates to performances and special rehearsals.
To see a specific group’s schedule, visit their program page.

March 5 (Tue)4:00-6:00 PMOrlando trip participantsOrlando band rehearsal
March 7* (Thur)4:30-7:30 PMJazz BandRehearsal
March 12 (Tue)4:00-6:30 PMOrlando trip participantsOrlando band rehearsal
March 14 (Thur)7:00 PMConcert BandsMarch Band Concert
March 19 (Tue)4:00-6:30 PMOrlando trip participantsOrlando band rehearsal
March 21 (Thur)4:00-7:00 PMOrlando trip participantsFinal Orlando rehearsal and packing
March 23-27All dayMarching BandSpring Break Trip to Orlando
April 4 (Thur)4:30-7:30 PMJazz BandRehearsal
April 11 (Thur)4:30-7:30 PMJazz BandRehearsal
April 1310:00 AMAll bandsBand kickball and pizza party
April 18 (Thur)4:30-7:30 PMJazz BandRehearsal
April 25 (Thur)4:30-7:30 PMJazz BandRehearsal
April 27 (Sat)TBDAlumniBand alumni events
May 2 (Thur)4:30-7:30 PMJazz BandRehearsal
May 7 (Tue)6:30 PMAll bandsBand Banquet at Hackney’s
May 9 (Thur)4:30-7:30 PMJazz BandRehearsal
May 14 (Tue)7:00 PMJazz BandJazz Night Performance
May 16 (Thur)7:00 PMConcert BandsSpring Band Concert
May 27 (Mon)TBD Marching BandMemorial Day Parade
* Subject to change based on Variety Show or Trip schedule
^ Double-header

Tentative Summer 2024 Schedule

June 27 (Thur)6:00 – 9:00 PMMarching BandRehearsal
July 1 (Mon)6:00 – 9:00 PMMarching BandRehearsal
July 4 (Thur)10:00 AM call time
11:15 AM parade
Marching band4th of July Parade
August 5 (Mon)6:00 – 9:00 PMMarching BandRehearsal
August 8 (Thur)6:00 – 9:00 PMMarching BandRehearsal
August 12-16 (Mon-Fri)12:45 PM – 9:00 PMMarching BandBand Camp
August 16 (Fri)7:30 PMMarching BandBand Camp Performance