Board Roles & Descriptions

The GBSIL Board is established each year in the Spring. Contact if you’re willing to step up into an executive role or co-lead a support team. For the 2024/2025 school year, the following positions have vacancies that need filling.

  • Vice President
Runs board meetings, supervises all committees, and trouble shoots as necessary.
Assumes the duties of the President in their absence and oversees fundraising.
Keeps the records of all board meetings and sends out weekly emails.
Maintains all funds and prepares monthly and annual financial reports.
Alumni Relations
Communicates current band activities to alumni band parents.
Plans and sets up the annual banquet with parent volunteers.
Chaperone Team Leads
Responsible for recruiting band parent volunteers to assist with specific tasks at home football games, marching band competitions, local parades and band camp week. Purchase and organize supplies such as water, snacks and first aid kits. Assign volunteers to supervise students on buses to and from events outside of GBS. Serve also as volunteer parent chaperones.

Volunteer Parents Description:
Responsible for providing water, snacks, basic first aid, supervision and general assistance to band students during home football games, competitions, local parades and band camp week. The individuals who volunteer in this capacity changes each week and is usually not known until the day before the event.
Color Guard Liaison
Determines annual costume needs, including sizing. Purchases extra needed accessories and assists in the creation of props. Washes uniforms after every competition. Color Guards dress themselves. For band performances helps students with hair, using bobby-pins, hair ties and hairspray. All of these activities take place in the dressing room below the stage, the band room or at the place of performance. At no time is the Liaison alone with a student.
Equipment Crew Leads
Responsible for coordinating the movement of band equipment during home football games, away marching competitions and special events such as parades. Chairs coordinate with the band directors and are in direct contact with them via walkie talkie during events. Other duties include maintenance of the band golf cart and trailer, organization of the band garage under the stands, renting moving trucks for competitions and assisting the chaperone and sound teams in moving their equipment.

Volunteer Parents Description:
Assist in moving equipment during home football games and away marching competitions. This may include equipment from the band room or the band garage under the stands. During halftime shows volunteers move equipment to the sideline and assist in returning items to storage. For competitions, volunteers also assist in loading and unloading the moving trucks. The individuals who help in this capacity typically changes from week to week, and is usually not known until the day before the event.
Hospitality Team Leads
Organize band camp meals, Jazz Fest Café and refreshments for the spring band concert, including purchase of supplies, collection of payments, selection of vendors and recruitment of parent volunteers. During Jazz Fest will supervise student and parent volunteers selling food in the cafeteria.

Volunteer Parents Description:
Prep and serve food and beverages for band camp meals, Jazz Fest Café and spring band concert. Interaction with students is limited to passing out food and beverages or working alongside them in the Jazz Fest Café.
Student Fundraising
Organize materials for fundraisers. Distribute materials to band members. Retrieve payments and manage deposits for monies received. Distribute any applicable deliveries to band members. Recruit parent volunteers as needed to aid in distribution of ordered items.
Middle School Liaison
Communicates current band activities to local middle schools. Recruits parent volunteers to provide water and snacks during Middle School Band Day.
Travel Lead
Support the band directors in preparation for the trip, including attending all parent meetings and collecting all trip related paperwork and purchase and distribution of t-shirts. May also serve as a trip chaperone.

Trip Chaperone Description:
Parents travel with the band on airplanes and busses. Parents are assigned a specific group of students to supervise, including keeping the students updated on daily plans, checking in with the students at regular intervals, and making sure that all students are in their rooms at the appointed time. The chaperones are the first point of contact if there are issues and notifies the nurse or band director as appropriate.
Uniform Crew Leads
Prior to the start of marching season, members of the uniform crew fit uniforms for each student. This includes a polo shirt, bib pants, jacket, shoes, gauntlets and hat. The pant hems and jacket sleeves are sized using a series of snaps that are already inside the uniform. In addition, each student is given a concert dress or a tuxedo shirt for concert season. The students try these on themselves, but in some cases the parents have to pin dresses for alterations.

For each marching band performance, the parents help students with their hair, using bobby-pins, hair ties and hairspray, to get their hair inside the hat. They also inspect each student, in uniform, to make sure that they have put their uniform on correctly, and that it has no stains or damage. This happens in both the band room as well as at performance locations.

For each concert performance, the dresses are ready for the students to put on themselves and ties and cummerbunds are distributed to those who need them. Parents assist the students who do not know how to put them on.

At no time are any of these activities conducted without the student’s awareness and at no time is a parent volunteer alone with a student. All of these activities take place in either the choir room, the band room or at the performance venue.
Maintains the band website,