New Members

Welcome new band members!

From Brian Boron (Band Director)

We welcome you and your son/daughter to one of the most exciting and rewarding educational ventures our schools have to offer – BAND! Those of us who have chosen careers in this field have found many rewards that may not be apparent when one first considers, “Why Should I Be in Band?”

Educational statistics continue to prove that young people who participate in music are among the academically strongest in their schools. They also have higher SAT score averages than their fellow classmates do. Their adult lives are filled with success which is a direct result of their band experience: self-discipline, group cooperation, high self-esteem, understanding teamwork, developing a sense of persistence and performance confidence.  Band can provide this foundation for your child.

As your child progresses in his/her understanding of the command of the instrument, you will see how this same desire for excellence applies to every subject in school and serves as a training ground for dealing with many aspects of adult life.

The opportunity to enjoy a new level of communication and self-expression is the goal of every musician. Creativity is within all of us, and the language of music serves as a perfect vehicle to allow this personal growth and development.

For parents, the chance to become involved is a bonus. We all know the importance of supporting our children in whatever they choose in life. You are encouraged to work with your child in this exciting learning process. Much can be said with music that is impossible to say with words.

Welcome to the world of music and enjoyment of art!


Check the calendar often, and remember, band starts in the summer!

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