Middle School Families

Everything you need to know about joining the band at GBS!

Students: Why join the GBS Marching Band?

  • Get involved
  • Make friends with kids from all grades
  • Meet new people before high school starts
  • Play fun music
  • Show your school spirit
  • Take trips and compete 

Parents: Why should you encourage your student to join the GBS Marching Band?

  • Looks great on college applications!
  • Top performing students with full AP course loads, National Merit Scholars, and athletes participate in marching band
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Supportive community for all four years
  • Fun organization with parent involvement – a great way for YOU to connect with other families and see your kids in action

Common Questions

Will I have time in my schedule?   

  • Band is an elective class, earning credit towards graduation requirements and receiving a grade that is part of the overall GPA
  • Students will have the ability to participate in band and take other electives
  • Band helps develop time management skills
  • Here’s how you do it

What if I want to do other activities?

  • Our band members do it all!  We have people involved in: varsity & intramural athletics; choir; drama; dance; clubs; speech; debate; yearbook; newspaper; student government; part-time jobs, and more!
  • The band directors work with coaches and activity sponsors to ensure students can participate in multiple activities

When does GBS Marching Band start?

  • The Marching Titans perform at the Glenview 4th of July parade; rehearsals begin in late June; all incoming freshman are encouraged to participate
  • We have rehearsals a few evenings in the summer and then a week-long band camp before school starts

Where has the band gone on trips?

  • Our bands have performed all over the country and even internationally
  • We’ve participated in every major college bowl game
  • We’ve gone to Hawaii, Florida, California, New York
  • We participated in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • We run fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to pay for these trips

What can I do now?

  • Get involved NOW! Check out the calendar of events on the homepage 
  • Come to the GBS Varsity Football games and sit with the band and parents in the far north end of the stands!
  • Cheer for the band at the Homecoming, Santa, Memorial Day, and 4th of July parades
  • Attend Middle School Band Day
  • Join us at Band-O-Rama
  • Come watch the band compete 

Get GBS Marching Band into your schedule:

  1. Incoming GBS students meet with their counselors in January to select classes
  2. Students are allocated two electives per semester; band is a full year elective
  3. Freshman are typically assigned an SRT, Student Resource Time (study hall)
  4. An SRT is not required; its typically never as productive as a parent would hope
  5. Tell your counselor you would like to join Marching Band in place of your SRT
  6. This allows students to take a second elective or an SRT