Guide to Marching

An Introduction to Instructions

1. Parade Rest“BAND -PARADE REST”
Slide left foot out.
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart
Instrument down
2. Attention“BAND – TEN HUT”
Left foot slides into right foot
Band yells “GO!”
Heels together, toes apart
Stand erect: Head up, shoulders back, back straight
Instrument in front, ready to be moved into playing position
3. Horns Up“BAND – HORNS UP”
Flip instrument into playing position
4. Marking Time“MARK TIME MARK”
Left foot first (always)
Lift heel one inch off ground
Toes remain on the ground.
Alternate Left – Right – Left – Right
March in place
5. Forward March“BAND – FORWARD MARCH” (or whistle blast)
Follows a Mark Time
Left foot forward (always)
Heel is first to contact the ground, then roll forward to your toe
Stay erect: Head up, shoulders back, back straight
6. Dress the Line“BAND – DRESS RIGHT DRESS”  — or —  “DRESS LEFT DRESS”
Turn head to specified direction
Adjust your position to ensure a straight line
Face to the front
Band yells “SOUTH!”
Look for Interval:  the distance between you and the persons on either of your sides.
Look for Cover Down:  checking ahead and adjusting so you’re squarely behind the person in front of you
7. Halt“BAND – HALT” (or whistle blast)
Comes on the 4th beat, when you’ll be on your right foot.
Stop on the next beat by bringing your left foot next to your right, and remain standing at Attention.
8. Release“SHAKE IT OUT”
Band claps twice, raises their right knee, calls out “HUH”

There is NO TALKING from the moment the band is called to Parade Rest until released.